What it means to”Work on yourself”.

Hey guys,

I know I’ve been a little MIA lately… Well A LOT.   We all know that life gets in the way and prevents you from doing all of the things you want to do. Truthfully, I have just been feeling very uninspired lately. Life has just been on autopilot for me. But, I’ve been trying to reboot and refocus. I needed a jump start to realign myself with all of my goals and wants and needs.

After giving it some thought, I realized that my “epiphany” is literally the cliche line “Working on myself”. That line that you always hear popping up in your life when something really crappy happens to you. Whether it’s after a breakup, being fired from your job, or any other just “sucky” event. Things happen that totally throw you off. You find yourself getting lost in this abyss of nothingness where you have no idea what direction you’re going. Or want to go. Or need to go.

People tell you to just “keep working on yourself”.  What does that even mean? To work on yourself.. That could mean a rainbow of things. The endless possibilities of “working on yourself” just throws you off even more.

If you’re drifting off into the abyss of possibilities, keep reading. 


To put work towards yourself isn’t a life-altering move that shifts your world on its axis and creates massive changes. It’s the small decisions you make daily that can alter you in the long run. Deciding to make it a point to get to the gym that day or grab a drink with a friend. Deciding to take a bubble bath with your overpriced bath bomb instead of a cold, miserable shower and your “Bad Day” playlist on blast. On some days, K-cups don’t get to cut it and that overpriced latte is all you need to make your day a tad better.

          Good vibes


Good vibes.

You’re going along your way. Making your good choices and attempting happy thoughts. And then… this happens out of nowhere. One day, you look back and feel like its all for nothing and you just want to go back into the comfort of the abyss.Well, don’t. Because your turning point is right around the corner. 


I know I’ve picked a heavyish kind of topic for my first blog post in almost a year, but I believe that you never fight where your inspiration wants to take you. It took me here and I figured I’d share it with yall.  I cant be theonly one that got lost in the abyss for a while, so I figured id share some of my experience.



Stay strong yall download.jpg

Comment and share if you have a friend that can relate 🙂






The one with the grapes and the keys.

Manhattan is draining, exhasting, and sometimes just harsh. Its hard to find time to enjoy the small pleasantries that the city offers. This was a rare day that my boyfriend, Jason and I both had time to sneak away from real life for a long over due picnic in Central Park. “How lovely!”.. you might think.


Two things about Manhattan.

Nothing goes as planned.

You never know when youre gonna have to hop a fence.

It started off fine. I didnt under cook the quiona. I bought overpriced crackers and cheese. And we played that cute little game where we catch grapes in our mouths. After a nice lunch, alot of walking, and a 6 train later, we finally made it back to my block just as the sun was going down.

Blissful and unaware, I was laughing and fumbling  in the disaster that was my bag for my keys. This is always a long process, nothing Jason was unfamiliar with. Then the look of horror spread across my face. No keys. Where are my keys???

“You have to call your landlord. You have to call Charlie” He said.

Side note: Charlie is old, cenile, and kind of mean. You never want to call Charlie. Ecepcially at 9pm on a week night.

No way. Theres no way. Im not calling Charlie.

“Lets just go find the keys. Theyre definetly at Central Park, right where we were sitting. C’mon you know the spot. Lets just retrace our steps. It’ll be fun!” I was trying to be convincing, I dont think he bought it. We still went though because who can argue with that.

15 dollars later, our cab driver dropped us off at the closest entrance to our once sweet spot in Central Park. The airy and whimsical park was now a dark hole of winding paths.

One hopped fence and broken nail later, we were in.

Being Harouli is hard. In my happy go lucky state of mind, I had no idea which way we went and where we  even settled our picnic just a couple of hours before.  Pitch black, iPhone flashlights out, we took on the challenge.

Thank God for Jason’s Pre-med brain remembering our path, he led the way. (My hero)
We made it to the field where we were sprawled out on. … I didnt remember it being this big.. and with no street lamps on.. it looked like the sea of green grass could have easily swallowed my little silver keys whole. I allowed myself 3.2 minutes of anxiety ridden panic before I started to look. Heads down, flashlights illuminating the way. Both of us running around, lookin’ like freaking ostriches, looking for a place to stick our heads in.

If you need a visual…

“Find them??


and then..  God threw me a bone. or in this case

A grape. 


I found one of the little grapes that Jason had failed to catch in his mouth during our nauseating but cute display of affection. I actually found a little family of little grapes because well.. Jason missed alot (he sucks). I found our spot, so the keys must be close. …..and they were.



I had literally done the impossible. If you dont believe me, check the map.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 6.03.22 PM

Sheep Meadow is like a football field on crack. Its huge and I thought my keys were gone for good.

SO, what did we gained from this story.

  1. Make sure you have your keys with you BEFORE you leave the Park.
  2. Anything is better than calling Charlie. Even a scavenger hunter in Central Park after hours.


Jason thought I was crazy for going back. But considering the circumstances.. wouldn’t you?


13 Things Creative Minds Will Understand

1. It’s so hard for you to pick a career path. 

You see yourself being happy in a multitude of different career paths. You are versatile. But, don’t look at it as a bad thing. Go where your talents take you!

2.  You wish you could find a career that has everything you like to do rolled into one

I am a hair artist, business women, blogger, social media butterfly, interior design extraordinaire. Why cant there be a job that satisfies all of those talents? So many things inspire you, Its hard to pick!

These are a few of my favorite things.. 

3. You love learning new things.

You love to research new topics. DIY’s, recipes, techniques, tools, trends, whatever it is. You are always expanding your mind.

4. You need to create to be happy 

You cannot live your days without working the right side of your brain. You need to express yourself in one form or another.

5. You’re always explaining to people how creative jobs ARE in fact real careers. 

Not everyone is meant to be a doctor or a lawyer and thats okay. Although some people may not understand the importance of creative minds, don’t let that discourage you from chasing your own bliss.

6. Inspiration hits you at the weirdest times. 

You could be watching a commercial on T.V.,  walking down the street, or even brushing your teeth. Its these little bursts that keep you going and constantly improving your work. Embrace them.

7. You place a huge importance on originality. 

You want whatever content you produce to be unlike the rest. Naturally, you love to stand out in the crowd and make your own rules

8. You get happy seeing a blank page. 

Whether it’s a canvas, a webpage, a piece of paper. You get excited about the possibilities of what you are about to create. You get a thrill out of creating something from nothing.

9. You’re indecisive. 

Although Its the best feeling when you finally do create your master piece, It takes you a while to get there. A million ideas run through your mind a minute. It takes a while to pick one (or 5) to settle on.

10. You don’t care what anyone thinks/says.

pink apartment
“So, which apartment building is yours again?”

Naturally, you walk to the beat of your own drum. Because you are original, you really don’t care what anyone thinks about how you live your life.

11. You surround yourself with things that inspire you.

This could be a person, a book, a coffee shop. You love things that make you see the beauty of the world and you surround yourself with them.

12. You are open minded. 

You understand that there is no one way of being or doing things. It is easier for you to acknowledge different ideas/opinions, even if you don’t agree with them.

13. You are always writing things down.

Nothing seems worse than loosing a great idea to the abyss that is your mind. Thank god for your “notes” app on your phone, but I prefer old school pen and paper. ( More doodle room).


green door .JPG
When one door closes, you paint it lime green and go through it anyway. – Harouli 

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Perfectionists starting a new job… listen up!

Hello Everyone reading from around the world! Thank you for tuning in on another Thursday with me.

I just accepted a new [DREAM] position this week as personal assistant to blank blank blank an NYC based Wedding Planner.Unknown-2.jpeg

Now I pretty much have to stay hush hush about the entire thing but I WILL tell you that whatever you are working towards.. KEEP GOING. I never thought this moment would come and it has finally arrived, guns blazing.

Naturally, since this is my first week, I am making mistakes left and right. My inner perfectionist cannot handle it guys.  So if you are a type A personality that has written down an allotted time to even read this post… Keep reading. IMG_2493

1. Anticipate that you will not have it all correct the first time around.

Mentally prepare yourself for the undeniable fact that you WILL mess up sometimes. Whether its with a new job, school, or just in life in general, no one is perfect, no matter how hard you try to be. Give your self time to get adjusted.

2. Over planning can actual kill the plan. 

Give plans some wiggle room. Life is messy and not everything can be laid out in a perfect little package. Your boss is expecting you to be a little erratic your first week.

It’s okay.

3. Write it down and then walk away from it. 

When you have a million projects going on at once.. overthinking and overworking your brain can actually cause you to become LESS productive. Write things down to make sure you don’t forget, then take a break. Whether its just scrolling through Instagram or just having a quick meditation session at your desk… Give your noggin’ some breathing room to process.

4.  Focus on the good.

You obviously should learn from every mistake you make during your premature days at a new job. But, its totally okay to keep reminding yourself that you are making some  right moves (along with some rookie mistakes). This can boost your confidence and help lower the intimidation a tad.

5. You are doing great!

I know it may seem like you can also do better. But just know that you are doing a great job at adjusting to your new environment. Reward yourself for making it another day. Before you know it you will be running the place.. until then just keep learning.



Embroidery: Not just for your grandmothers closet

Sorry for such a late post guys.. I’ve been crazy busy going on interview after interview this week. The doors been slammed in my face multiple times. But after rearranging my resume 10 thousand times, and digging to the depths of the Manhattan job pool, I think I’ve hit gold in the career department. Stay tuned! I don’t want to jinx anything

( yes I’m superstitious like that) download

but I will definitely update you guys once this becomes “real”

Now.. onto more fashion forward topics..  EMBROIDERY. 


Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 11.20.13 PM

This week’s post is about one of my newly found fashion favorites.. embroidery. Now I know what your inner 12 year old self is thinking.

“Embroidery is for old people.” ” I don’t want to look like my 68 year old grandmother”..

BUT, I’m here to tell you that you can incorporate this little detail into your outfits to add some sophistication and texture to any one of your favorite ensembles.

Found these loafers ON SALE at DSW.  $40 for these Frank Sarto babies.

This is definitely a fashion trend that I saw as a risk in the beginning. But I found that its a great twist to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall.


Just grabbed this bell sleeve off the shoulder embroidered top from Express.   It really brings out my inner 2000 Britney Spears.

Happy Styling!

I Shower In My Kitchen.

You read right. I knew that Manhattan apartments were funky, but this is on a whole other level. What seems like a normal pantry is a small stand up shower hiding in my kitchen. Ironically, this inspired my newest post. Keep reading for some major skin care hacks!


Among your produce, greens, and sweets, there are some great skin product substitutes I have discovered. I know that every prestigious magazine and beauty influencer will tell you that you need to spend a pretty penny on your skin care regime. But, I am here to tell you, that is FALSE. I’d rather spend a fortune on shoes, not lotions and potions.

Every great tale has a back story

A while back, I got an extreme allergic reaction on my face, to a new product I was trying out. For months I was breaking out all over my face, and especially on my cheeks and chin. I eventually had to go to the dermatologist to be prescribed a fix for the construction site that was my face.

After this turn of unfortunate events, I wanted to detox my skin care routine from all of the extreme chemicals and reactive toxins that were in EVERY off-the-shelf product. After consulting with skin expert and practicing aesthetician, Mara Tsoronis of Shafer Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in NYC, I learned there are some great product substitutes hiding in your pantry!

Coffee Grounds & Honey as a natural exfoliant. $11


Take todays K-Cup and scrub away the day’s troubles.


Green Tea Toner. $3


Brew, cool and GO! I add a few drops of tea tree oil ($8) for added antibacterial properties!


Coconut oil as a makeup remover/ moisturizer. $10

I feel like a cup cake with this headband. Oh and look how shiny and healthy my skin looks:)

As a hair mask, to cook with, and now as a facial moisturizer. This product is truly 1000 uses in 1. Use with a damp cotton pad to remove eye/ facial makeup. NEVER buy 9 dollar makeup wipes again.


$15 Kitchen Table Makeover

Being a college kid really makes it tough to pursue your interior design goals.

This removable wallpaper made it super easy to add a quick and cheap fix to my grossly colored kitchen table. Walk into any NYC coffee shop and you will see very beautiful (and expensive) white marble tables. They are not only great quality but totally instagramable. The problem is they will cost you the equivalent of about 395 cups of coffee.

I definitely cannot afford that on my entry level salary.images.jpeg

So, what did I do? I googled a solution. I found this removable wallpaper on houzz.com for just 11 bucks! Plus tax brought me to a mere 15 dollars. It looked pretty real if you ask me, and was extremely easy to put on. It’s literally a peel and place type of method and pulls off easier than most fake lashes.

 Left: Before, ugly warm toned.                        Right: Clean and sleek 

This is great for not just coffee tables, but any flat surface that needs an aesthetic update! You can really let your creative mind wander with this project.

The after! Not a caterpillar so I had to remove the over-sized leave napkins :/