Why fall in love when theres Avocados.

You guys will come to find as you read my posts that I have an ever growing obsession with avocados. Smashed, whole, or even blended, I really have a ‘cado problem. It’s getting to be a monthly expense. Like I don’t have a car, I just need avocado toast. Manhattanites are CONSTANTLY looking to one up their current brunch place in search for the perfect avocado toast. Its usually the places you don’t expect, nothing special on the outside, but completely unique on the inside. I found this little spot in Greenwich Village which I’ve passed dozens of times just completely overlooked. Not only was the decor completely adorable, but it was British owned. Conversations I overheard  (thats

Bluestone Lane, B/t Charles St & Perry St. West village.

NYC for ya) were even more adorable in English accents. Instant good vibes.

I, Of course got the avocado toast with an added poached egg, its a must. T’was smashing (total ‘cado pun). OH, Their latte art was on point which, in my opinion made my cappuccino that much more heavenly. Since bikini season is around the corner, I also got a side of greek yogurt with granola. I didn’t mind eating healthy here, maybe because the grub was so terrific. (or because British boys should just serve my food from now on).

Brunch fit for a Queen.. (of England)

Ive shared my secret spot, now go get some bloody brunch (ok not literally).



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