A letter to the “Old Soul”


Many people know you as the “Mom”  or the “party pooper” of the group. The responsible one that always has their ducks in a line, shits together. Usually, if someone has a problem, you’re the first person they call because they’re convinced you know all the answers. No one really sees you out at bars or house parties.. you’re definitely too busy catching up on your reading or doing your typical, boring, “grown up” things.  What these people don’t know is your disinterest in what team you’re on for beer pong or how many shots of tequila before you’re unconscious. You really couldn’t care less about random hookups with boys from the next town over or how Becky’s dating your 7th grade boyfriend (That bitch!).  If you’re anything like me you’re just over the entirety of it. The fake laughs and the mindless banter on endless drama that are usually surrounding theses scenes.

Tumblr has got it labeled as something of a “breakfast-for-dinner-lets-go-on-a-random-3am-“adventure”-to-Mcds” type deal. But it is definitely so much more, as this is just scratching the surface. You want to discover all the world has to offer (not a random junior holding your hair in a strangers bathroom) . The secret underground jazz clubs that feel as if you stepped into the roaring 20’s. Little coffee shops with a dusty library hidden in the back. Vintage treasures dating back to Monroe’s prime and with 99¢ letters from World War II with unheard stories to tell. You are the person that wants to take polaroid’s of all your adventures, not to post on Instagram, but because it looks way more authentic in a scrapbook then a regular photo does.

Your need for more usually feeds your day dreaming habit so you tend to be on the creative side. Helpless romantics at heart, you don’t really get along with people your age, as you haven’t yet caught up to their speedy, makeup /breakup (But you better keep texting me) rituals. Old souls are definitely people you want to be in a relationship with, romantically or just friend wise, as they are loyal and will never do anything to loose your trust. Which by the way, does not come as disposable as it does for people today. So once you’ve lost it, good luck trying to get it back.

There will be rare occasions of club hopping and bar top dancing, which hopefully you have acquired some great friends because you CANNOT handle your alcohol (so someone is deff scraping you off the bathroom floor that night). But don’t worry you’ll probably swear off tequila for the next couple of months following your big night out.

You are a rare personality and your need for “more” is a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately we have lost people like you to 21st century media and the Kardashian Kraze. But I know there are forms of you in everyone, it just takes the right person or even the right place in your life, to take you back. 


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