True Life of a City Crawler

No one likes a stereo type. In our generation especially I think we’ve all understood that no one likes that asshole that judges you before knowing you.  Like a cheerleader.. no brains and all beauty or If you’re a white girl, you’re definitely obsessed with Starbucks and Victoria Secret iPhone cases.  Thought I’d tune in, to shed some light on all these young people (including me)  who base their life around Manhattan. Via social media, it looks like party after party, they’re waltzing around without a care. Its Louis V this and Prada that.. Oh but on the contrary… City life is not all its panned out to be. The irony of it is, you enjoy the craziness and when things start to slow down you are inclined to keep adding to your list-to-do. If you’re not doing more, than someone else sure is.




Other people:

*scrolls through Instagram on a Saturday night* Let me just head to another house party while so and so’s  at fashion week .. in her perfect outfit.. with perfect people. Must be nice to be perfect.”


*Running on no sleep and 3 shots of espresso to arrive on time for the Alexander McQueen Show*  Even though I have 3 papers, a test and a project due by Monday, Im gonna bust ass to work a 15 hour day, UNPAID, just to be able to mention to a possible employer that I worked McQueens show. *Grabs random pieces from her closet, decides call it fashion, and runs out the door. Metro card in hand.. booking it to the 1 train ( in stilettos) to make it downtown ON TIME*



My outfit was too random not to snap a pic of. Loved this on-the-go look.

I hate hearing the phrases “Deff spends hours putting together an outfit”, “all she cares about is looks”, etc..

In reality..

We throw our clothes on in the dark hoping too look decent. and when we do its a silent victory and when we don’t.. we still do because its usually its someone wearing a tutu and leather jacket walking next to us on the street.

Although we pride ourselves on our appearance and we always make sure to look polished and put together. Its always the ugly sweater, stilettos and torn up, cuffed boyfriend jeans that always seem to not only look stylish, but give YOU a more unique look. Color coordination isn’t important when you understand how to style without making it “go” together.

Because on the go you really don’t care if your scarf matches your shirt or if you’re wearing black on brown. That is what I think my greatest pleasure in being in the city all the time is.. against the back drop of NYC, ANYTHING looks good.  I guess this post went from a rant on stereo types to an encouraging push to take advantage of the freedom and opportunity offered in New York City. Especially when it comes to fashion.



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