Why our generation needs a “Central Perk”



Almost everyone who knows good T.V. has an ever growing obsession with the show, Friends, which aired for 8 seasons on NBC. Even though this sitcom ended when all of us millennials were still watching cartoon network, this immortal show lives forever. Personally, I could related to almost all of the characters. From Rachel’s shopping obsession.. to Joeys pizza obsession. I, and so many other fans, can relate.

But what I can’t relate to is the actual friendship between these group of friends. The amount of respect and understanding these characters have for one another, is something that our generation lacks. Playing devil’s advocate.. well they ARE fictional characters. They’re not real people. They have planned out scripts so they’re obviously not talking from the heart. But, these kind of relationships do exist. Leaving the four walls of your bedroom to go meet up at your favorite spot and pick each others brains.

Central Perk, a coffee house near the groups apartment, was one of the signature meeting places in Friends.  What ever happened to having hour long conversations at your favorite coffee house? To discussing actual topics that you can go on and on about, instead of just Snapchatting a million pictures of your self and letting emojis do the talking. When did it become okay for real interaction to cease to exist. These are the reasons I believe we desperately need a Central Perk.

  1. We don’t know how to have face to face interaction anymore.

We depend on texting, FaceTime, snapchat, ect to communicate with the people we care about. While this can be great for long distance relationships, it has completely cheapened our ability to communicate. Which sucks.

2.  Bringing back “friendship”

I know anyone reading this is sure to be like “Well I have great, dependable friends that I can count on”. If you do.. you lucked out. In todays generation, we are all about the “I want it now”. Which also gives us our competitive edge and drive to accomplish. But what it also gives us is our inability to FIGHT for relationships worth fighting for. What do I mean? Compromise. Give a little and get a little. Realize that to form a bond that lasts forever, you have to have her/his BEST INTEREST AT HEART.

3.Pure fun.

Even though I’m a true homebody, I get that people love going out, drinking and going wild. Im all for letting loose and letting it rock. But, thats all we seem to be doing.  Talking, laughing, and exchanging views  with the same group for hours CAN be fun (With the right people) and also adds depth to your friendship. You’ll be surprised how much you can unwind with a cappuccino and a good conversation.

4. Allowing fate to bring new people into our lives

Maybe its fate, or just being at the right place at the right time.. But being able to form relationships without the help of social media, will not only add substances to the relationships we form, its alot less stressful than going in blind (Ehem.. Tinder) Not to mention, it’s a whole lot less creepy than taking your chances with the internet. Reaching for the last muffin or accidentally bumping into someone on your way out. Its just so much more romantic.

5.Exploring your surroundings

Whether its New York City’s trendy coffee shops or an old school diner in the middle of no where, a change of surroundings can add life into the group. Food and conversation. What more could you need to build a friendship. You will gain stories to tell, memories to share, and become more aware of what your community has to offer. Expand your horizons and you’ll be surprised what you find. Cozy cups of cappuccinos, nachos fully loaded and conversations that stay within the walls of your new “spot”.


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