Accessories Speak 1000 Words

In a world full of colors.. I will choose black every time. Black goes with black. Which goes with Black. This never ending fashion satisfaction will never go out of style. But how do you stay relevant in the fashion industry when your whole closet matches your soul? Accessories instantly transform a look. Take a peek at some of my closet staples.

I loved this clean polished look. Simple is always better 

My go-to retailer for leggings is Express. They come super black and comfy! I also love that you can dress them up for special occasions are wear them casually with an oversized sweater. Quality is to-die.

My black and white pumps are also Express, adds dimension to any outfit and a significant amount of pain to your feet.

Taken outside of FIT.. The amount of weird stares I got was worth the insta post. 

My chosen pop of color was this velvet blue motorcycle jacket from (drumroll please) Target! My new go to brand called WhoWhatWear that is now sold in most Target locations. I’ve been linking it to some of my Instagram posts. Their pieces are amazing quality & sold at an insanely affordable price. If you’re looking for a fashion steal I would definitely recommend making a quick trip to Target (lol yeah right).

Any black top will do to achieve this look. Ahh the beauty of black.

I will never let go of my basic black leather MK  tote. Goes with everything, as basic as it is.. it stays.

Lets not forget the ever popular puff, hooked onto my tote.. which  I got from Steve Madden ( sorry guys, in stores only! )

Me channeling my inner J-lo. Glowy and clean to match my overall look. 

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