Im back & Still Wicked ;)

Where have I been? Summer classes, a trip to Europe,a new internship AND moving to a new apartment… can really make an already overwhelmed college kid disappear.

Im back and better then eva.

Obsessed with my building.. of course its PINK ❤

Sitting in my Advertising class on this beautiful Monday morning I’m self reflecting and feeling super inspired. I finally living the life I’ve alway dreamed, but the steps I took to get there were no walk in Central Park. There was a lot of planning, dedication and sacrifices I had to first recognize, then come to terms with, to make this a reality. Everyone has a vision in their head of how they want their life to be. Whether it’s your house, your wardrobe, or even your career. There is not clear cut way to get to where you want to be from the starting line. I am reintroducing my blog as a lifestyle, interior design, fashion, makeup,and  whatever else will help y’all achieve your vision. So welcome back to Wicked Witch of the West  Side where I let readers in on my new life in Manhattan. The how to’s and Who What Where’s of where you are and where your end goal is (and all the beautiful moments in between!)




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