Whats the best part of Fall.. Halloween? PSL’s? Some people obsess over the big sweaters and fluffy scarfs. Me?  I  love this time of year when all my boots and booties finally come to out play. Ditch traditional leather, this season is all about suede. Any look can be suited for fall by sprinkling in a touch of suede.Even though this in between weather may result in some weather confused outfits, my advice is to take advantage of peep toe booties and mini skirt/thigh high boot combo before the New York winter hits and we all look like walking laundry bags.



Perks of Suede: Adds sophistication, texture and warm feet:)



What better way to show off your last pedicure with these peep toe nude booties.

Fun fact: bought these after my heel broke on the ever-so-clean streets of NYC. Had to walk a block BAREFOOT. It was so worth it though. (Thanks Aldo)

You don’t need to spend buck bucks to be in with the fall trends.

Target never fails. Found these suede booties for just $30
Also bought this sleeveless trench on my Target haul. WhoWhatWear never dissapoints.



Have I perSueded you yet?


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