Travel Size Your Makeup Bag

A lot of us millennials have caught the bug of wanderlust. As many of you who follow my Instagram, I love to explore. Whether its right in my backyard in NYC, different parts of the US, or different parts of the world!

Traveling to a new place is great!

Forgetting something essential is not.


If you’re like me, you need to be prepared ( or at least feel prepared) to get that nagging voice in your head to shut it and enjoy our vacation.Although I wish I had the art of packing down to a science.. ( I always under pack or over pack) I have mastered what is a must have when it comes to makeup. Dragging your entire makeup collection to a different place is not only irritating, its also a huge nuisance.  Typically, we don’t want to carry a whole other suitcase just for our beauty products. So I’m going to give you guys the essential products to look as put together and beautiful as you do at home. ❤

Essential #1

Primer. Rain or shine, Cold or hot. You always need your go-to primer to keep that face on all day. My favorite at the moment is Mac’s Prep+ Prime Natural Base. Its great for people with skin that is combination, oily and dry.

Essential #2

Your favorite mascara. Wakes up your entire face and frames those pretty little irises. My favorite right now is Benefit’s Roller Lash. Then again, any mascara thats Benefit is bomb.

Essential #3

Tinted Moisturizer. Why not foundation? I find that on a vacay I’m not looking to beat my face (unless I’m dressing to impress) but I do like to have some light coverage. I love Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream. Perfect, natural coverage for just $9. Hard to beat.

* Tip: If you don’t want to change your foundation but want a lighter coverage just mix with a little moisturizer to give the effect of a tinted moisturizer. Same coverage, no cakey effect!

Essential #4

Eye brow pencil and a tweezer. Keep your brows FLEEK, no one cares as long as your brows are on point. They are the main structure point of your face. The first thing every girl (and a lot of guys) notice. Keep em’ tweezed and filled and you can never go wrong. Obviously theres no substitution, Anastasia Beverly Hills’  Brow Definer stays winning.

Essential #5

Blush. This underestimated essential  can instantly add life to your face. Making you go from “I just want to sleep in, screw the excursions” to ” Whats next? Im ready for anything”. My favorite? I can never pick so my go-to is the Two Faced Love Flush Pallet. 6 of their most popular shades so you never have to settle for the perfect flush 😉

Essential #6

EOS lip balm otherwise known as an “egg”. As a chapstick or as a lipgloss this stuff is holy in my makeup bag.  Its dual purpose makes it perfect to bring on vacay. Nothing ruins a trip like chapped lips.

P.S. My favorites coconut 😉


Finished look with ONLY the products mentioned.




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