Zara Haul: Fall Must Have’s

I did the unthinkable as the holiday season is approaching…and dared to step into Zara to face my doom over the weekend. Zara, the one we all love to hate. Love (and appreciate) for fashions fresh off the runway for an amazing price. And Hate. For fashions fresh off the runway for an  irresistible price.  Although I did foster some guilt, my conscious subsided after realizing that I had bought some sick fashion staples.

Paired this over sized velvet sweater with my mom jeans and my vintage gucci belt. Im never leaving the 90’s.


          Fashion Staple (n): An adaptable piece, from Bootie to blouse, that can be worn a ton of different ways!

These pieces aren’t going to just carry me through this winter. Like your boyfriends sweatshirt, it will always be there for when you have just nothing to wear.

Throw this velvet mini under any colored tights for a fun, festive , and fall look (say that 3x fast)
If you can’t tell already I’m obsessed with army green. Throw this body suit under anything. From sweats to trouser pants, it will keep you looking fab and shipshape. (literally)
Carrie B. would be proud. Grab this eclectic clutch on your way out the door to add instant flair to any outfit.
This is the equivalent to leggings if your in the corporate world. SO COMFY. They also go with everything.. I bow down to pencil skirts.









A few great pieces can update your wardrobe without having to buy a whole seasons worth of clothes (although how wickedly delightful that would be). Going into a store as overwhelming, as most of our favorites are, with a specific set of pieces in mind can eliminate the stress and anxiety of shopping. Your wallet and shopping entourage will thank you.. trust me.

Hope this helps & happy shopping!




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