Twin Things Explained

We learn to share when were kids right? Share your toys. Share the remote. Sharing is drilled into our brains from the second we are able to understand. Being a twin, Ive been sharing since the MOMENT I WAS CONCEIVED. Starting on this day. November 14, a day I share with my Twin sister. Most call her Ang. I call her Ann, Quale, Liki, Angelion, Anjelly Dounut, and so many others. Since we were little peanuts we realized that we are different than some of our friends with older/ younger siblings. Being a twin has many misconceptions, on this day, OUR birthday, Id like to clear some of those up for you. All my twins out there, this ones for you.

  1. We can feel it when the other is in pain.

Many people think if they punch ang in the arm, I can feel it. If that were the case…Why would I kick my own ass? 😛 No but really this isn’t a thing. However, our level of understanding we have for each other is on another level. You hurt her, you’re hurting me too. She is apart of me. If she’s happy I am also happy. We work as a unit, if one is feeling happy, angry, mad, anxious, downright depressed, we sense it. We feel the others pain and so we try to compensate and lift on another up.

2. We really are each others best friend.

The scariest opponent is my sister. She knows my every weakness and exactly what to do and say to make me go bazerk. Being around since Day 1, she knows me like the back of her hand. Just a look suffices as a conversation. We know what each other wants/needs/expects. Twins are the greatest tag team. Its us against the world and that brings us closer every day.

3. Sharing  clothes. A burden and a blessing.

Picture your wardrobe doubled. Thats what having a twin is like. Although it can be great in times of crisis, there can be severe consequences like:

a. New things are off limits until month or so post purchase.


“Were literally wearing the same thing..”

“You change”

“You change”

*World War III*


c.  Differentiating between each others leggings. Yes they are the same color/size but those are MINE…

d. If I’m missing something Ang is usually wearing it. *Sigh*

4. Its HARD being apart.

Moving to Manhattan, I definitely feel this one almost everyday. Dinner, Homework, playdates, baths, ballet, car rides, getting ready for school, field trips, even just watching tv. We were together ALL THE TIME. We were at each others throats sometimes, of course. But after a life time, you get used to each others commentary. Daily rituals are now done alone. You’re learning to become someone without your other half. Necessary but extremely lonely at times. Moments usually shared between each other are now missed, but the reunion is always like no time has passed.

5. We are, Our own person.

We share a lot of similarities. We grew up in the same house, were exposed to and experienced a lot of the same things. But, we are two very different people. I could eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ang can’t even have it drizzled on her cheesecake. I love stomping through the city in 6 inch heels. Ang loves lounging on her baby blue beach towel, toes in the sand. We want different things out of life but we want to be in each others lives. Comparing us is impossible, because we are uniquely us.

The sun stands for my sisters undeniable need to be at the beach. The moon, is me up at all hours of the night, my favorite time to create. Complete opposites yet we cannot live without one another. 

Celebrating 2 decades of being on this planet together, I dedicate this to my best friend, my best opponent, my womb mate, my sister. Happy Birthday Twinnie, heres to another 20 years of laughing, crying, fighting, and being complete fools together. Its okay if no one gets us, we get us.



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