13 Things Creative Minds Will Understand

1. It’s so hard for you to pick a career path. 

You see yourself being happy in a multitude of different career paths. You are versatile. But, don’t look at it as a bad thing. Go where your talents take you!

2.  You wish you could find a career that has everything you like to do rolled into one

I am a hair artist, business women, blogger, social media butterfly, interior design extraordinaire. Why cant there be a job that satisfies all of those talents? So many things inspire you, Its hard to pick!

These are a few of my favorite things.. 

3. You love learning new things.

You love to research new topics. DIY’s, recipes, techniques, tools, trends, whatever it is. You are always expanding your mind.

4. You need to create to be happy 

You cannot live your days without working the right side of your brain. You need to express yourself in one form or another.

5. You’re always explaining to people how creative jobs ARE in fact real careers. 

Not everyone is meant to be a doctor or a lawyer and thats okay. Although some people may not understand the importance of creative minds, don’t let that discourage you from chasing your own bliss.

6. Inspiration hits you at the weirdest times. 

You could be watching a commercial on T.V.,  walking down the street, or even brushing your teeth. Its these little bursts that keep you going and constantly improving your work. Embrace them.

7. You place a huge importance on originality. 

You want whatever content you produce to be unlike the rest. Naturally, you love to stand out in the crowd and make your own rules

8. You get happy seeing a blank page. 

Whether it’s a canvas, a webpage, a piece of paper. You get excited about the possibilities of what you are about to create. You get a thrill out of creating something from nothing.

9. You’re indecisive. 

Although Its the best feeling when you finally do create your master piece, It takes you a while to get there. A million ideas run through your mind a minute. It takes a while to pick one (or 5) to settle on.

10. You don’t care what anyone thinks/says.

pink apartment
“So, which apartment building is yours again?”

Naturally, you walk to the beat of your own drum. Because you are original, you really don’t care what anyone thinks about how you live your life.

11. You surround yourself with things that inspire you.

This could be a person, a book, a coffee shop. You love things that make you see the beauty of the world and you surround yourself with them.

12. You are open minded. 

You understand that there is no one way of being or doing things. It is easier for you to acknowledge different ideas/opinions, even if you don’t agree with them.

13. You are always writing things down.

Nothing seems worse than loosing a great idea to the abyss that is your mind. Thank god for your “notes” app on your phone, but I prefer old school pen and paper. ( More doodle room).


green door .JPG
When one door closes, you paint it lime green and go through it anyway. – Harouli 

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