If you love avocados, get excited over a $12 pair of shoes or just need to aimlessly wander the internet… You’ve come to the right place. My name is Haroula Perrikos, full time student at FIT, beauty junkie, and total foodie. My Greek backround gives me tan skin year round and some fleeky brows (and frizzy hair). I am a mother to 2 perfect angels who have literally completed me as a human being, Isabella (King Charles Cavalier) and Coconut (Cockapoo). One last thing, I hate discrimination. It’s so unnecessary.  Honestly, red or white it really doesn’t matter.10846175_899212290097395_6624475916349782088_n

Before you write me off as another random fashion blog, I wanna clear the air, THIS IS NOT A FASHION BLOG. I’m not gonna tell you the reason I picked the black shoes over the red ( well obviously black over everything). I dont need to be the person directing you what, when, and how to dress. You will come to find that I do express myself through my clothes which I will no doubt SHARE with you guys. This blog’s sole purpose is to shed some light on a new perspective. Show you my world, gain what you want and leave what you don’t.


Spending my days (and some very interesting nights) in NYC, I’ve learned its dog eat dog out there. Take for yourself and never look back.
Okay fine, kick ass and take names. IMG_5762.JPG
But wouldnt it be nice to know where to find the best coffee in Midtown out of the 78 thousand coffee shops? Or what vintage store your actually going to leave having purchased something? Or for Godsakes, which place has the best avocado toast? These little pleasantries, are something everyone should know.
I hunt those hole-in-the-wall places.
The places with the $2 macaroons and free wifi.

So if none of this interests you Id advise you to… “Move it! I’m walkin hea!


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