What it means to”Work on yourself”.

Hey guys,

I know I’ve been a little MIA lately… Well A LOT.   We all know that life gets in the way and prevents you from doing all of the things you want to do. Truthfully, I have just been feeling very uninspired lately. Life has just been on autopilot for me. But, I’ve been trying to reboot and refocus. I needed a jump start to realign myself with all of my goals and wants and needs.

After giving it some thought, I realized that my “epiphany” is literally the cliche line “Working on myself”. That line that you always hear popping up in your life when something really crappy happens to you. Whether it’s after a breakup, being fired from your job, or any other just “sucky” event. Things happen that totally throw you off. You find yourself getting lost in this abyss of nothingness where you have no idea what direction you’re going. Or want to go. Or need to go.

People tell you to just “keep working on yourself”.  What does that even mean? To work on yourself.. That could mean a rainbow of things. The endless possibilities of “working on yourself” just throws you off even more.

If you’re drifting off into the abyss of possibilities, keep reading. 


To put work towards yourself isn’t a life-altering move that shifts your world on its axis and creates massive changes. It’s the small decisions you make daily that can alter you in the long run. Deciding to make it a point to get to the gym that day or grab a drink with a friend. Deciding to take a bubble bath with your overpriced bath bomb instead of a cold, miserable shower and your “Bad Day” playlist on blast. On some days, K-cups don’t get to cut it and that overpriced latte is all you need to make your day a tad better.

          Good vibes


Good vibes.

You’re going along your way. Making your good choices and attempting happy thoughts. And then… this happens out of nowhere. One day, you look back and feel like its all for nothing and you just want to go back into the comfort of the abyss.Well, don’t. Because your turning point is right around the corner. 


I know I’ve picked a heavyish kind of topic for my first blog post in almost a year, but I believe that you never fight where your inspiration wants to take you. It took me here and I figured I’d share it with yall.  I cant be theonly one that got lost in the abyss for a while, so I figured id share some of my experience.



Stay strong yall download.jpg

Comment and share if you have a friend that can relate 🙂






$15 Kitchen Table Makeover

Being a college kid really makes it tough to pursue your interior design goals.

This removable wallpaper made it super easy to add a quick and cheap fix to my grossly colored kitchen table. Walk into any NYC coffee shop and you will see very beautiful (and expensive) white marble tables. They are not only great quality but totally instagramable. The problem is they will cost you the equivalent of about 395 cups of coffee.

I definitely cannot afford that on my entry level salary.images.jpeg

So, what did I do? I googled a solution. I found this removable wallpaper on houzz.com for just 11 bucks! Plus tax brought me to a mere 15 dollars. It looked pretty real if you ask me, and was extremely easy to put on. It’s literally a peel and place type of method and pulls off easier than most fake lashes.

 Left: Before, ugly warm toned.                        Right: Clean and sleek 

This is great for not just coffee tables, but any flat surface that needs an aesthetic update! You can really let your creative mind wander with this project.

The after! Not a caterpillar so I had to remove the over-sized leave napkins :/


Your avocado toast won’t see this coming

Your avocado toast won’t see this coming.

On my day off from working, taking hair clients, and city mischief, I ALWAYS like to make a well rounded breakfast to start my day. Im prepping my ingredients and the worst thing that could happen, happened. My avocado was still earths core status. Hard as a damn rock. Were you even brunching if there were no avocados…? Well, I found a solution.

You can never go wrong with the classic SaltySweet combination. This lead as inspiration for my new breakfast concoction. Now, I don’t know if this was a thing or has been a thing but for me, THIS was a turning point in my breakfast game. So, If your out of ‘cados. Try this. Thank me later.


Cream cheese topped with jam, on toast.

Two Poached Eggs.

Fruit Bowl.

And the coffee. Don’t forget the coffee..

Fashion, PR, and Clothes Galore; Corporate, Structure and an Unlimited Supply of Post Its.

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If I could describe Showroom Seven and Seventh House PR in three words.. shoes, glitter, and dollar $ign$. Jimmy Choo’s hitting the polished mahogany floor, going important places with important people. The energy was electric and expectations were high. Our CEO was dressed to the nines, the same age as most of our grandmothers she rocked stilettos better than most of us. My biggest concerns were to know my designers, always dress to impress, and to make sure everyone knew I ate organically…

PR is full of sharks.

They wear the best names, go the the best parties and have enough in their bank account to go to SoulCycle weekly and get a double-shot vanilla latte with skim every morning. These are the people that ultimately could move me up the ladder so being on their good side was imperative. How do you mold yourself into their perfect little drone intern? Your outfit not only needs to match, it needs to make a statement. Walk in there like you just came back from brunch with Donna Karan herself. In your dreams, (Or nightmares..) you should see designers, cuts, patterns, venues,ect..

Main Priorities:

Being BFF’s with your superiors.

Be up to ANY challenge.

Network, Network, NETWORK.

The whitest teeth and silkiest hair

Take that girl out of the PR shark tank and throw her in the middle of Wall Street and ask her to swim.

I did.

Ever watched the Wolf of Wall Street?… Okay well it’s nothing like that. No ones cares about names brands, inches on heels, or where you got your coffee. Performance and ability to execute was unspoken hierarchy. Instead of taking the extra time in the morning to perfectly blend my eyeshadow, I found myself skipping my regular beauty regime all together. I was more concerned about getting there before my supervisor to show diligence. In a more corporate setting, you naturally still need sharp social skills. But instead of SoulCycle, you need to be knowledged in the status of companies, new Ceo’s and acquisitions and projected turns in the economy.

There is no glitter, no shoes, and definitely no one in stilettos. There is however, a professionalism that I was also able to thrive in.

Everyone at this point in our 20’s, is still trying to figure “it” out. Whatever “It” is. The route I’m taking is this: try everything. Even if it’s something you are convinced isn’t and will never be you. It isn’t what you do but what you have not done. Rule things out. Ultimately, have fun with this time to experiment with environments, types of people and of course different positions. My next feat; find a place where professionalism rules, but i can also rock my highest pair of heels 😉

Incorporating Different Generations into Your Wardrobe


Back in History 101 (in our gaucho days) we learned that history inevitably repeats itself. Thanks to the many artists and their muses, we have fashion dating back to thousands of years that are still influencing our clothing today.  New trends found in the latest runway shows are recycled from generations wayyyyy  before us ( Even you Yeezy). Ever since moving to Manhattan and especially going to school at The  Fashion Institute of Technology, these different trends are becoming more apparent to me. I have found bits and parts of my style in the 80’s, 70’s, 60’s.. and try to incorporate them in my everyday wardrobe.

I love the modest glamour of the 1950’s!  Big hooped skirts and fresh-faced makeup with statement red lips. I modernized with showing a big of skin and opting for long dark curls instead of the typical poodle cut.



The 60’s were all about short cuts, huge lashes and mod prints . This velvet mini dress paired with my sheer vintage french connection cinched jacket gave me perfect 60 vibes!  I modernized with this statement clutch, black stockings with velvet booties!

bf7660340766c89ab94b8661b47fc2d8 IMG_3614.JPG

AHHHH….  the 90’s Mom jean trend that we have all dared try. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Depends on the pants. Luckily my roommate posses the PERFECT pair of mom jeans that fit perfectly on both of us. Total Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants moment if you ask me. Paired with a shiny olive green cropped sweater, its gives perfect Monica from Friends vibes.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 4.51.37 PM.pngimg_5792


I find it difficult to incorporate different trends of the generations without it looking like I’m trick or treating. My best tip is to incorporate color pallets or even some trends of today when trying to sport a vintage trend. Also, HAVE FUN with it. Some people think that trying new trends is scary and that they will be ridiculed for going against the grain. In reality, you will most likely be admired for trying something different. And who knows, maybe you’ll make a recycled trend your new favorite fashion statement!

Your Guide to: Interning

One word can make or break your career in the fashion world, or any world for that matter. Interning. Yes, free labor (unless you get college credit). You give them your soul and in return they give you the necessary experience needed to land a job. People are always asking me about my internship at Showroom Seven/Seventh House PR and how I landed it. Even more people ask how I survive.  Applying for internships can be a stressful and agonizingly long process. Walking in blindfolded was basically how I approached this situation. This little game was set on extreme hard difficulty and I just lunged myself into a pool full of sharks. Luckily, I learned to swim and with this guide you will have somewhat of a 411 before taking a leap into your first internship.

Favorite pieces at the showroom. I need these in my room!


  1. Have a beefy resume.

Learn how to bullshit or get someone to do it for you. Either way, you need a resume that someone would actually want to read. Figure out what your employer is looking for and BE that person. Even if its small jobs you did throughout school, a lot of skills are universal in any industry. Talk yourself up, confidence translates.. even on  paper.

2. Its more annoying to your boss to not know whats happening then to ask questions.

Starting out, I dreaded needing to ask a question and usually would hold out in fear that i was being irritating. Take it from someone who learned the hard way, its better to know what your boss is talking about. No you will not “figure it out on your own later”. Trust me, it’ll leave you in a pool of confusion followed by an unprecedented level of anxiety. Just ask.

3. Dress the part.

Know the saying “Dress to Impress” ? Theres some truth behind it.  People are more likely to assume you know what you’re doing by just looking professional. I may not have the most scientific evidence but trust me, it works. You’re also more prone to be taken seriously. So leave the mini skirts and crop tops out of the office ladies. And guys, tuck that shirt in and invest in an iron.

4.Self awareness is key.

Interns don’t have a specific job, you pretty much help with everything. From the scut to the most high profile, life or death situation, interns can be part of the equation. Since this is most likely the case, always be aware of something you could help out with. Be aware of opportunities that will be to your benefit and add major brownie points to your accountability. The more your boss sees that you are aware, the more of an asset you become. This alone could be the reason you get hired or sent on your merry way after your 3 month intern period.

5. They pay you in espresso, so drink up.

Realization #1 when I moved to Manhattan, coffee is way over priced and way too essential to life. My Starbucks obsession quickly waned when the reality of Manhattan money hit me like a tow truck. So when you see that espresso machine in the corner with a tray of bagels and assorted spreads, help yourself…. and then again to seconds. LOL. You are paying your self in cappuccinos so take advantage.

6. Communication is vital to your success.

There will be many times where you are the missing link to someones problem. Always pass along memos, messages, or happenings. If you see it say it. Make sure everyone (especially your boss) knows what you know. That way, your coworkers (and competition) see you are a contribution to the big picture. Speak up!

7. Its okay to make mistakes.

This is the biggest worry of most interns who are starting out. It definitely was for me being the OCD perfectionist I am. I want to get it right, every time, starting with my first time doing it. I hate to burst your bubble but is impossible. You will be learning so much in such a short period of time there is NO way you wont mess up here and there. ( Like when I accidentally sent Anne Hathaway the wrong necklace..yeah that was fun :p) Your mistakes can turn into your biggest strengths, so don’t stress. Be a sponge and absorb EVERYTHING. You’ll do great.


Good luck & happy interviewing ❤


Twin Things Explained

We learn to share when were kids right? Share your toys. Share the remote. Sharing is drilled into our brains from the second we are able to understand. Being a twin, Ive been sharing since the MOMENT I WAS CONCEIVED. Starting on this day. November 14, a day I share with my Twin sister. Most call her Ang. I call her Ann, Quale, Liki, Angelion, Anjelly Dounut, and so many others. Since we were little peanuts we realized that we are different than some of our friends with older/ younger siblings. Being a twin has many misconceptions, on this day, OUR birthday, Id like to clear some of those up for you. All my twins out there, this ones for you.

  1. We can feel it when the other is in pain.

Many people think if they punch ang in the arm, I can feel it. If that were the case…Why would I kick my own ass? 😛 No but really this isn’t a thing. However, our level of understanding we have for each other is on another level. You hurt her, you’re hurting me too. She is apart of me. If she’s happy I am also happy. We work as a unit, if one is feeling happy, angry, mad, anxious, downright depressed, we sense it. We feel the others pain and so we try to compensate and lift on another up.

2. We really are each others best friend.

The scariest opponent is my sister. She knows my every weakness and exactly what to do and say to make me go bazerk. Being around since Day 1, she knows me like the back of her hand. Just a look suffices as a conversation. We know what each other wants/needs/expects. Twins are the greatest tag team. Its us against the world and that brings us closer every day.

3. Sharing  clothes. A burden and a blessing.

Picture your wardrobe doubled. Thats what having a twin is like. Although it can be great in times of crisis, there can be severe consequences like:

a. New things are off limits until month or so post purchase.


“Were literally wearing the same thing..”

“You change”

“You change”

*World War III*


c.  Differentiating between each others leggings. Yes they are the same color/size but those are MINE…

d. If I’m missing something Ang is usually wearing it. *Sigh*

4. Its HARD being apart.

Moving to Manhattan, I definitely feel this one almost everyday. Dinner, Homework, playdates, baths, ballet, car rides, getting ready for school, field trips, even just watching tv. We were together ALL THE TIME. We were at each others throats sometimes, of course. But after a life time, you get used to each others commentary. Daily rituals are now done alone. You’re learning to become someone without your other half. Necessary but extremely lonely at times. Moments usually shared between each other are now missed, but the reunion is always like no time has passed.

5. We are, Our own person.

We share a lot of similarities. We grew up in the same house, were exposed to and experienced a lot of the same things. But, we are two very different people. I could eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ang can’t even have it drizzled on her cheesecake. I love stomping through the city in 6 inch heels. Ang loves lounging on her baby blue beach towel, toes in the sand. We want different things out of life but we want to be in each others lives. Comparing us is impossible, because we are uniquely us.

The sun stands for my sisters undeniable need to be at the beach. The moon, is me up at all hours of the night, my favorite time to create. Complete opposites yet we cannot live without one another. 

Celebrating 2 decades of being on this planet together, I dedicate this to my best friend, my best opponent, my womb mate, my sister. Happy Birthday Twinnie, heres to another 20 years of laughing, crying, fighting, and being complete fools together. Its okay if no one gets us, we get us.